Adiabatic Coolers

Adiabatic Coolers offer minimum footprint, low energy use and water supply temperatures similar to evaporative cooling towers. For the majority of the year the cooler operates as a dry air blast cooler reducing water costs to a minimum.

Product Highlights

  • No Chemical Water Treatment.
  • No Clean and Chlorination.
  • Sealed System.
  • No Water Losses Through evaporation.
  • Low Operating Noise Levels.
  • Minimal Plan Area.
  • Low Operating Costs.



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What is Adiabatic Cooling?

Adiabatic cooling is achieved by reducing the air inlet temperature being drawn over the coolers coil block. This reduced oncoming air temperature, achieved by creating a fine mist at the coolers air inlet, allows the cooler to supply water temperatures as low as 25°C in the Summer period.

Save installation time and costly site work by installing a Summit Process Cooling Air Blast Cooler Package. Units include a non-ferrous water tank, single or dual pump arrangement and control panel, leaving only mains power and mechanical pipework connection required on site.

Adiabatic Coolers v Cooling Towers

Adiabatic Coolers reduce running costs, water use, chemical water treatment and stringent maintenance regimes associated with evaporative cooling towers.


For more information on this product 01827 213401