Premium Adiabatic Coolers

Unlike standard adiabatic coolers, our premium adiabatic coolers operate without external aerosols keeping the coil blocks dry, eliminate scaling and avoid the risk of the proliferation of bacteria such as legionella.

Product Highlights

  • No Chemical Water Treatment.
  • No Clean and Chlorination.
  • Sealed System.
  • No Water Losses Through evaporation.
  • Low Operating Noise Levels.
  • Minimal Plan Area.
  • Energy Saving Inverters.

What is Adiabatic Cooling?

Adiabatic cooling is achieved by reducing the air inlet temperature being drawn over the coolers coil block. This reduced oncoming air temperature, achieved by creating a fine mist at the coolers air inlet, allows the cooler to supply water temperatures as low as 25°C in the Summer period.

  • Save you money – by drastically reducing energy, water consumption and the need for costly chemical dosing. Maintenance requirements are also much lower in comparison to conventional adiabatic designs.
  • Create a competitive advantage – through better quality and more uptime, due to consistent, precise water temperature control.
  • Expand as you grow – our modular approach allows production facilities to install economical systems that can be easily expanded.
  • Improve environmental sustainability – by saving extensive amounts of water and requiring zero chemical discharges.