Pipework Installations

Summit Process Cooling specifies and installs a wide variety of pipework materials to suit process type, location and budget. These materials include, ABS, PVC, both welded and pressfit stainless steel and galvanised steel.

Typically our systems are welded stainless steel 304L thin wall welded. All our welders and pipefitters are time-served with years of experience in the industrial field.

This material having the advantage of speed of installation, immediate readiness for use, weight and competitive overall cost.

All welds are nitrogen purged to reduce carbonisation and reduce the level of unwanted inclusions within the weld structure.

Although site and application dependant Summit Process Cooling’s standard connection arrangement’s at the chiller/cooler typically include :-
– Isolation valves.
– Strainers (unless elsewhere in the system).
– Double regulation valve.
– Non-return valve.
– Valves typically cast iron Pn16 flanged type.

– Galvanised unistrut.
– Blue lined clips for the pipe supports.

Vents, drains and inspection / measurement ports:
– Valved drains at low level.
– Valved vents at high level.
– Binders at chiller/cooler.

Lagging materials include:
– Foil faced mineral wool.
– Phenolic foam.
– PIB finish for external locations.
– Hygenic isogenopak for cleanrooms and food applications.
– Aluminium clad for greater physical protection and weather resistance for extreme temperatures.
– Electrical trace heating for plain water non-drainable systems can be installed where appropriate.

Changeovers and testing:
– The systems are filled and held at an agreed test pressure for an agreed period of time.
– Our team specialises in fast changeover of systems from old to new with the minimum of downtime, careful planning and control of logistics ensure a smooth transition onto new systems with a high degree of communication throughout.

– Full Risk Assessment and Method Statements provided.

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