Packaged Air Blast Coolers

Save installation time and costly site work by installing a Summit Process Cooling packaged air blast cooler. Units include a non-ferrous water tank, single or dual pump arrangement and control panel, leaving only mains power and mechanical pipework connection required on site.

Product Highlights

  •  No chemical water treatment.
  •  No clean and chlorination.
  • Sealed system.
  •  No water losses through evaporation.
  •  Low operating noise levels.
  • Minimal plan area.
  • Energy saving inverters.


Packaged Box Cooler: 5kW to 200kW.

Packaged Flatbed Air Blast Cooler: 150kW Upwards.

Advantages of Summit Process Cooling Packaged Air Blast Coolers

  • Supplier of industrial process cooling equipment since 1991
  • Designed for the process industry
  • Units are built with high quality leading brand components
  • Long standing existing product line with proven repeat performance
  • Bespoke designs available
  • 24 months warranty available
  • Expert technical advice
  • Rapid response through Summit-Process Cooling’s service network
  • Summit Process Cooling is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 and all equipment is CE marked

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