Magnetic Filters

Our magnetic filtration systems are the ultimate in filtration technology, providing cost, quality and environmental benefits.

Magnetic filtration operating principle

Magnetic filtration is the most effective means of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as coolants, lubricants, and wash solutions.

All the benefits of our Magnetic filters are based on their ability to remove virtually all ferrous particles, including sub-micron particles from the process. Traditional filtration systems typically leave particles smaller than 5 – 10 microns circulating in the fluid. This causes damage to process equipment and finished products.

Magnetic filtration systems are ideal for either new build projects or they can be fitted to enhance existing filtration systems.

Significantly lower operating costs

  • Longer lasting fluids extend life by x10: Magnetic filters can remove particles smaller than one micron in size. These particles significantly affect the performance of fluids and act as a focus for bacterial build-up.
  • No consumables – cuts filter costs by up to 100%: Unlike other types of filtrations, once magnetic filtration is installed there is nothing else you need to buy to ensure effective filtration over the filter’s lifetime, which can be typically greater than 20 years.
  • Minimal fluid loss: Contamination is removed from the filter as a semi-dry ‘cake’. Fluid loss is considerably less than that of traditional filter media.
  • No disposal costs: The cake itself can be recycled, cutting expensive specialist disposal costs.
  • Minimal running costs – virtually zero: Manually cleaned magnetic filters require no additional power. Magnetic self-cleaning filters only require a small amount of power for the cleaning process.
  • Ideal for 24/7 operation – increase productivity: Fully automated magnetic filtration systems are ideal for continuous manufacturing lines.
  • Rapid return on investment: Magnetic filtration is perfect for cost reduction and continuous improvement programmes providing a rapid return on investment.
  • Health & safety: Minimal handling of contaminated fluid and bacterial growth.

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